Review: Annabelle Comes Home

I see a lot of movies. In particular, I see a lot of horror movies. 

Which is partly why I don't know if scary movies are just becoming less scary, or self and my partner are just becoming so numb to them that nothing will ever quicken our black little hearts again... but anyway, onto the review.

Annabelle Comes Home is the latest offering from the people behind The Conjuring series. I actually have quite high opinions of The Conjuring, and also thought the Conjuring 2 wasn't too bad in terms of films that actually get a reaction out of me (isn't that why we watch 'em?). 

I much less enjoyed the first ensuing Annabelle movie, and The Nun spinoff was just hilarious. But at least it was actually laugh-out-loud funny, with lines like 'Holy shit - the holiest' and 'Christ. Jesus Christ' (younger people than us were cowering at the cinema, whilst we were in the back in hysterics almost the whole time). 

Anyway, I know I'm going off on a tangent again, but fair to say I have A LOT OF OPINIONS on The Conjuring series. 

Going into Annabelle Comes Home, I set my expectations quite low. However, the first thing I noticed, was of course, Little McKenna Grace. That kid's in almost everything these days, and she's good at what she does. 

She plays the Warrens' daughter, Judy Warren, who is left at home with dutiful babysitter Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman). Everything seems to be going well, until Mary Ellen's troubled friend Daniela (played by Katie Sarife) decides to break all the rules THAT ARE THERE FOR A REASON, basically unleashing all hell on everybody. 

Swept up in the fray is Mary Ellen's poor young love interest 'Bob's Got Balls' (Michael Cimino) who incidentally looks uncannily like a boy who used to go to my high school. 

There are funny moments, and all the usual things you'd imagine from a haunted house movie that's trying to scare you. Was it a bad film? Not by a long shot. Was it scary? Not particularly. At least, not to die-hard horror fans. 

It did have its moments, though - and it's actually quite well-paced. I'll give it that much. And it's definitely worthy of a watch if you're into The Conjuring; just don't expect too much. 

I also really enjoy watching movies that are set in the '80s (or thereabouts) as there's lots of references to how the world used to be before we knew we were all doomed to a raging climate change-fuelled planet and seeing most of the wildlife die out before our very eyes. Yeah. 

Oh, and it's also got a few 'Easter eggs' thrown in, so look out for those. 

To be completely honest, what surprised me most was probably the length of this movie. It felt like it went on a lot longer than it did - and that's never a good sign for a movie, really.

But I'd still rate it above Annabelle in terms of watchability (but below The Conjuring 2, innit). 

Does anyone else think that the doll they've used to be Annabelle just looks like its trying too hard to be scary? If you Google the real Annabelle, it's actually not freaky at all. 

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