Red Shoes - A Poem (And a 100% True Story)

Have you ever had a pair of red shoes that feel particularly special? They don't have to be red; they could be any colour. 

I have, and I look upon them with such fondness (partially down to my tricksy feet) that I actually wrote a poem about them. Here it is: 


I have a pair of red shoes,

I wear when I am blue.

They brighten me up no end,

And make me happy too.

These shoes are old,

And truth be told,

They’re comfortable.

And make me bold.

Many years they’ve lasted,

Too many now to count.

I can’t even remember,

The cost they did amount. (wasn’t much)

Yet how are these shoes still here?

No polish, wipes or cobblers have they gone near.

What is the reason these shoes do not tarnish?

I’ll tell you the reason – it’s f****ng nail varnish!


And that, ladies and gentlement (and those of you not so ascribed), is a 100% true story! 

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