First Reaction: The Witcher Official Teaser Trailer

Yesterday, Netflix released its first official teaser trailer to its new series The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill and based on the much-loved books by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, along with the extremely popular video games of the same name. 

It's... been a tad worrying for die-hard Witcher fans like myself to get to grips with the fact that The Witcher is being adapted into a TV series. Let's just say we've been waiting with baited breath for a glimpse of what it's going to look like and whether it's going to actually do the books and games justice. 

For me, Witcher 3 is the singlemost amazing and wonderful video game I've ever experienced. I cried multiple times at the story, fell in love with the characters and consequently read all of the books and short stories. This means a lot to me. 

And, to be completely honest, when I saw who had been cast as Geralt of Rivia, I wasn't convinced it was the best choice. I wasn't the only one. In fact, I've not really been convinced with any of the casting choices, although Ciri seems to be the most fitting so far (in my opinion). 

There are aspects of the new trailer that we should be very happy about; it looks like a quality production, that the writers are staying true to the world of the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, and some people have commented that Geralt's silver sword is being carried on Roach (Geralt's horse) - this is something that's staying true to the books rather than the games. I have no issue with that. 

Before we go any further, take a lookit at the trailer, below:

Let me get this straight; Geralt from Witcher 3, to me, is perfect. That's *MY* Geralt right there. So, getting used to seeing Henry Cavill's version of Geralt... it took me a while. Let's just say I'm still adjusting. 

Here's some comparison images, just for your reference:

And another... 

Now, having watched the trailer, it's time to talk about some of the things I'm a little more concerned about.

Having previously seen images of Geralt looking fairly young, I was able to console self with the fact that the story is probably focusing on a younger Geralt and Yennefer, in the earliest days before Ciri... but wait. Ciri's in the trailer, too. And she's probably a teenager by the looks of it. 

So, I'm a little bit confused and concerned about the timeline. Saying that, Ciri is a time-travelling badass, so maybe this is less of a big deal, but I'm still concerned (like I said, I feel very passionately about The Witcher series). 

A CAVEAT: Forgot to say, for those of you who don't know, the TV series IS based on the events in the books rather than the games.

This brings me to my next point; focusing on Yennefer of Vengerberg as a hunchback.

Okay, Yennefer of Vengerberg IS a hunchback, but it's something that's only really eluded to maybe once or twice in the books, and only when Geralt looks at Yen and realises just for a second what she really is, before deciding to immediately banish it from his mind should she read his thoughts and be hurt. 

Yennefer uses glamour and her power as a sorceress to transform herself into the most beautiful woman in the world. And her looking like her previous self was long before Geralt came into the picture.

So... why are we focusing on Yennefer's backstory? Or are we saying this is a thing that she's fighting against even when she knows Geralt? That doesn't seem true to the books at all, and I feel like putting so much emphasis on this aspect of Yen could be a mistake. 

I'm very confused. I'm also not convinced at the casting choice for Yen. I'm not familiar with Anya Chalotra, but to me she just doesn't look like Yen. Of course, it goes without saying I'm willing to suspend my feelings of disbelief and give her a chance. 

I know I'm not alone in having a lot invested in The Witcher series, but I also know that Henry Cavill is also a fan, and perhaps that had a lot to do with his casting choice. 

Just don't let this legend of a game down, please, Netflix.